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Webtel Telephone Management System

Welcome to the home of Webtel TMS, a cloud-based Telephone Management System. If you’re an existing client, there is a new login page which is accessible from the link on the top right header.

A Telephone Management System is software or a web service that captures, records and costs telephone calls known as CDR's. Telephone Management systems are also known as Call Accounting or Call Logging Systems. Depending on the source of the data, a hardware device known as a call buffer is sometimes required.

If you're are not already a client, and you’re looking for a centralised call accounting / telephone management system to manage your voice and or data traffic, look no further. Webtel is an advanced call reporting solution for any size of business or call centre and is compatible with most PBX systems, including Cisco, Lync, Avaya and Asterisk. 

People talking on the telephone in a call centre

Telephone call records / CDRs can be imported from multiple sources into the Webtel database and a very flexible front-end will have reports out in no time. For larger enterprises we have also built add-on Qlikview Business Intelligence models that can plug into any existing Qlikview environment. Alternatively these models can be hosted on our servers at the Internet Solutions data centre.

If you are interested in setting up your own hosted portal, we can assist you with the telephone management software and the PBX’s buffer equipment if required.

Our hardware range includes IP and GSM CDR buffers for call data storage and transmission, all of which connect seamlessly to our Webtel management platform.

Why every business should have a TMS

  • Helps reduce the abuse of your telephony services.
  • Better planning and infrastructure decisions.  
  • Provider rates and billing verification.
  • Private call monitoring and budgeting.
  • Telephony usage billing for tenants and clients.
  • Monitor telephony service levels, including answer times, dropped calls and average ring times.
  • Telecommunication budgeting.
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing sales call volumes.
  • Usage comparisons between users, departments and branches.

Why Choose Webtel for your Telephone Management ?

  • SaaS offering. No software installation means a reduced time to benefit.
  • Cloud based. Telephone Management access from anywhere.
  • No hardware purchases. If required, we supply and maintain the Telephone Management call buffer
  • Reduce spending on technology infrastructure.
  • Minimal upfront outlay.
  • No capital costs.
  • Improve accessibility to users. All users can access Webtel.
  • Scalability. No need to buy more software, hardware or licenses when you add more users. 
  • Secutity. 256 bit encyption between you and your data.
  • Load shedding ? No problem. Webtel is hosted at the Internet Solutions data centre.
  • Up to date software for every user.
  • Integration. Webtel integrates with almost all PBX and IP systems.
  • Manage all your telephone, mobiles and data usage in one central place.
  • Installations and maintenance backed by an affordable SLA anywhere in Southern Africa.
  • Dedicated support staff who can assist you when you need it.
  • MACD service available to take care of all your user moves, additions, changes or deletions.
  • Active directory integration.
  • BI Integration with Qlikview.
  • Private number database per user for more flexibile number identification.
  • Active monitoring of on-site hardware with integrated alerting.
  • Integrated alerting will notify you if there is an interuption of CDR call data.
  • New features are automatically available to you.
  • Private call budgets with progressive alerting.
  • Automatic private and business call detection and identification.
  • Number identification by users follow an authentication process to ensure business numbers identified are, in fact, business numbers.
  • Customised and flexible costing (rate) tables.
  • Multiple fixed cost can be added to devices or users. For example: Line rental, admin fee.
  • Telecom and IT inventory. Inventory items such as phone type, laptop, mobile type etc., can be added to each user.
  • Permission levels to restrict access to certain users, departements or cost centres.
  • Free monthly training sessions via Webex or at our offices.
  • Automatic archiving.
  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Advanced report scheduling.
  • Erlang calculator for consecutive call management and trunk optimisation.
  • Click here to access a full list of Webtel features.

Reports available on Webtel

You can customise and build your own reports using Webtel’s advanced reporting and filter options giving you thousands of reporting options. Below are some examples of the reports you can build and schedule.

  • Summaries: By users, Company, Department, Region or Cost Centre.
  • Top calls by cost. For one user or a group of users.
  • Top calls by duration. For one user or a group of users.
  • Top calls by count. For one user or a group of users.
  • A single user summary report that includes: Expenditure summary, top business calls and top private all on one report.
  • Company user summary with business and private call costs.
  • Incoming call summary.
  • Extension detailed report.
  • PIN code usage reports.
  • Unanswered call reports.
  • Operator performance reports, including ring times and abandoned calls.
  • Interbranch / internal calls.
  • Erlang traffic reporting for consecutive call volumes.
  • Weekend calls.
  • Afterhours calls.
  • Incoming call ring and answer times.
  • Calls by area.
  • Expensive numbers dialed including a previous period cost.
  • Hourly call count.
  • Daily call count.
  • Line / trunk traffic summary.
  • Calls to known or authorised businesses.
  • Unallocated PIN codes.
  • Unallocated extensions.
  • User or groups of users (Departments) who exceed certain values. For example: Users who spent more than 50 hours on outbound calls. Users who spent more than ten rand on personal calls.
  • User or groups of users (Departments) who didn’t exceed certain values. For example: Users who spent less than 50 hours on outbound calls or who made fewer than 50 calls.

Webtel Business Intelligence

Webtel BI brings your data to life with our pre-built dashboards. For more information on our BI offering, click here.

We are always on the lookout for new business partners. If you’re interested, please get in touch.

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