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Have you ever considered using your TMS to help your marketing guys ?

Consider how much money is spent on reception areas. Motor dealers, banks & retailers spend millions on ensuring a favorable first impression for their walk in clients. However, an area that is often forgotten is the first impression a client gets when they call your company. IT is usually responsible for the PBX. When last did you hear someone say, "I would much rather deal with the call centre than an individual" or "Wow, that machine on the phone was so helpful". It seldom, if ever,  happens.  Sure, marketing is not responsible for the person or the machine at the receiving end of an enquiry. You are however responsible for the overall impression left.

A huge amount of effort and money is spent promoting brands, products and companies. This is easily spoilt by badly informed staff, annoying machines and inadequate equipment. 

But did you know that lots of information is made available by these machines?  For example: Do you know how long the average caller spends on hold? if you did, your on-hold message could be formatted accordingly. This information is available. Do you know what kind of response you're having to an ad campaign? Once again, intelligent telephone management makes this information available.

Where are your callers calling you from? By centralising your telephony data, statistical reports can be generated and proper business intelligence can take place.

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